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Religious Education (CCD)

Contact: Director of Religious Education - Monica Emrock (610) 868-7514


1. To provide a context where the individual may learn about God and his creative love.
2. To help form a person who is aware of his/her dignity and responsibility as a Catholic Christian.
3. To assist each family in the parish in the religious education of its members.
4. To provide a basic knowledge of Catholic doctrine and the practices of our Faith.


St. Anne’s religious education program (CCD) is designed to comply with standards set by the Diocesan Education Office and the United States Council of Catholic Bishops.


The religious education (CCD) year normally begins in mid-September. Classes are dismissed for holidays and other Holy days of obligation. The program closes near the end of April. A detailed schedule is distributed at the beginning of classes.


Because of the significant number of families that move in and out of the parish area each year it is necessary that every new family register for religious education as soon as possible and each existing family must re-register.

For more information please contact the CCD Office at (610) 868-7514

    St. Anne Catholic Church
    450 East Washington Avenue, Bethlehem, PA, 18017

    Phone : (610)867-5039

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